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Graduate and trainee recruitment

So let’s start with the good news. A career at CL Associates PLT will develop you a professional, as fast as you want your career developed. That’s because you’ll work on all manner of accounts, across all types of industry, large and small, publicly listed and privately owned, from lively start-ups with big dreams to some of the region’s best known organisations.

We’re not going to box you into a particular role. We won’t assign you to the same client. You will have the freedom to find out what’s best for you through discovery. This holistic approach to career development isn’t unique, but our approach is amongst the finest in the industry.

It’s not all work at CL Associates PLT. We have a busy social calendar with events throughout the year. There are team building exercises and lots of opportunities to blow off steam and make new friends. What’s more, A few weeks of the year are devoted to specialised training, in addition to on-the-job training.

So what about the bad news? There isn’t any. Sure, the hours can be long, and the job can be demanding. But isn’t that what a professional career is about? You could have chosen an easy-street role but instead you want to succeed, you want to be a winner in life and your career. We encourage this winning mentality for the company, for our clients, and most importantly, for you.

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“You’ll get a lot out of working for CL Associates PLT. You will be given incredible opportunities to develop yourself.”

Experienced Hires Recruitment

Size matters. When you come to work at CL Associates PLT you’ll be working at a company that big enough to support a fascinating and diverse portfolio of clients while being small enough to focus on you reaching your full potential. You won’t get lost in the ether of a huge multinational. You and your career will take centre stage.

We feel this is our major selling point. One look at our client list tells you that you will be challenged. Your expertise will be called on to help companies and organisations of all types, across many industries and sectors, in all manner of situations. Meanwhile, you can hone and refine your specialisation, or even take on a completely new goal or challenge. Either way, we will offer you the support and stability to achieve your ambitions.

So get in touch with us today and find out how you can fast-track your career.

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